• KORKMAZ PANEL Hygienic and Cold Room Panels

    Our company, which started operating in the sector as of 1995 with ventilation, air conditioning, stainless steel hospital equipment, hygienic and cold room panels manufacturing and contracting work, has attained noteworthy references in the domestic market under growing circumstances and capacity with its products produced in accordance with CE, TSE- HYB-212, TSE-HYB-258, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2008,TSEK standards. As a result of these references, our company has taken its place among leading companies by focusing on customer satisfaction.

    As a result of our research, we believe that our company can help you by manufacturing parts and finding solutions in our scope, by taking on tasks in your projects within our field, and by providing you products either from our product range or in the form of custom-made products based on your needs.

    We are pleased to say that you can see our factory as your factory in business relationships to increase our mutual benefits with a sustainable pricing policy in the frame of mutual and longtime goodwill. We would be delighted to welcome you in our factory and to show you that you will always have a friend here.

    Best Regards.
  • Company success story

    The foundation of our company was established when our Chairman Kürşad Korkmaz took on his first work in the sector in 1995 involving ventilation ducts work for Göztepe State Hospital under the company called İsmet Hamzaoğlu Ventilation Systems. Our Chairman Kürşad Korkmaz moved on from being an apprentice in the construction site of this company to working as a construction site supervisor in the sector having successfully passed the assistant foreman and foreman stages. He successfully carried out work as a construction site supervisor in this company in many provinces of the country and increased his sectoral knowledge and gained knowledge on sectoral mistakes and efficient working methods. In 2005, he established a company that bears his name and took his place in the industry. Having gained success in the work he undertook and with the awareness of the need for institutionalization, in 2009 he established and started carrying out activities under the name Korkmaz Ventilation Co. Ltd. While the enterprise carries out work related to ventilation systems, stainless steel chrome water tanks, and chrome chimney systems, it also continues to develop by taking on manufacturing work related to industrial chrome and kitchen equipment, morgue units, tenesor tables, and refrigerated coffins. As a result of its increase in capacity, the company purchased new machinery in 2012 as part of its “IN LIFE AND AFTER” project and started manufacturing cold air warehouse panels with this machinery. As of 2013, under the name KORKMAZ İNOKS CO. LTD., the company has displayed significant increase in its capacity and is now exporting to 36 countries. In correlation with the increase in our institutional capacity, we have also been increasing our number of staff.

    Brief introduction of the enterprise

    Korkmaz İNOX manufactures ventilation, morgue, industrial, chrome chimney, cold air warehouse panels and cooling devices in its 10,000 m2 closed space facility and its 130 workers. Having undertaken important worksite work in the country, it now has a significant customer potential. It has formed a dealership network in almost every region of Turkey.

    Growth strategy

    Our main strategy is to market our products to all over the world, to provide turnkey solutions undertaking skilled jobs at our own worksite, and to create our own brand with regards to the products we manufacture.


    Our aim is to manufacture products that consume less energy and have higher efficiency with hygiene and insulation being at the forefront; and to manufacture rooms that minimize manpower needs with modular built and are easy to install.

    Social Responsibility

    We try to provide resources for the creation of libraries in different schools. We also take part in landscaping and environmental studies. We write different articles on various topics in various platforms.

    Environmental Responsibility

    We minimize the damage our products may cause to the environment and recycle waste.

    Awards Received

    We have received the TOBB award for being one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey. Other awards received include TÜMSİAD businessman of the year and MÜSİAD support to food and technology award.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to always be a leading company in its sector that has established its brand and manufactures its patented high quality and reliable brand in and provides services to the international market in different parts of the world; that adds value to the country; that has established customer and employee satisfaction as a result of its performance in the work it has undertaken.


    Our research and development that follow the requirements of development which we can swiftly put to action has enabled us to take our place next to experience and competitive companies. We have been able to achieve this by focusing on both customer and employee satisfaction and we continue on our path adding value to the environment, to human health, and energy consumption and constantly trying to develop our contribution to this value.