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Cold rooms/ warehouses that do not have insulation rates of 42 density are unhygienic, consume much more energy, and the heat loss is quite insufficient

You can find technical information on cooling and cold rooms, as well as the needs of frozen product processing plants.

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The Best Just Got Better

As a result of months of R&D, we have manufactured the most efficient and durable cooling devices. The best cold air devices are now here with the Korkmaz Panel quality…

Soğuk Oda Panelleri

Hygenic & Steriziled Cold Rooms

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Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels

Fire Resistant Sandwich Panels for Cold Warehouse Rooms.

Cold Room Doors

Cold Room Doors

Various door options for your Cold Warehouse Rooms.

Cooling Devices

Cooling Devices

Cooling Systems for your various cold air needs.

Cold Air Warehouse

Cold Air Warehouse

CE, TSE and ISO certified Modular Cold Air Warehouse.

Certificates & Documents

You can examine of all our certificates – from the fire resistance certificate to the
insulation certificate – on our certificates page.

Efficient Solutions

We provide economical and high efficiency cold air warehouses with maximum
insulation rate depending on your needs.

Cooling Systems

Thanks to our R&D investment, we manufacture the most efficient and highest quality
cooling devices in the cold air sector.

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