It reduces warm/cold air loss. It increases economic efficiency by energy conservation. It protects the establishment against birds, flies, and all flying insects. It minimizes movement of air polluting smell, gas, and dust. It ensures a hygienic work environment. It is easy to assemble. It breaks the welding gleam which is harmful for the eyes. It is light permeable to ensure better work. It eliminates machine noise. It requires minimum maintenance.


* At the main doors inside and outside the factory,
* At employee entrance and exit doors,
* At loading doors,
* At kitchen doors,
* At dye house doors,
* At welding or steam separation areas,
* At production areas,
* At cold air warehouses and at the entrance of flash-freezing rooms and belt conveyor systems in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex.

PVC Strip Curtain systems are fully compliant with the Turkish Food Codex and related regulations. It provides an ideal solution for establishments that need to restructure due to statutory decree 560 on the production, consumption and control of foods and the related regulations. PVC Door Systems are especially recommended for a healthy and clean environment in establishments operating in the food sector.

PVC Strip Curtain
PVC Strip Curtain
PVC Strip Curtain